Under Review

Seeing like a guerrilla. The logic of infrastructure in the building of insurgent orders. With Simón Uribe e Isabel Peñaranda. (Under review).

Where do armed actors fight? Land inequality and state capacity in the Colombian civil war. (Under review).

Working Papers

Subnational Policy Response to Covid-19 in Latin America (with the Observatory for the Containment of Covid-19 in the Americas). 

¿Por qué reducen desigualdad las ciudades colombianas? Evolución de la distribución del ingreso en Bucaramanga, Pereira, Barranquilla y Cartagena.

When do states mind the gap? Reducing subnational inequality in health outcomes in Colombia and Peru.

Re-centralizing for equalizing? Decentralization and subnational inequality reduction in Colombia´s education.

Process-driven Natural Experiments (with Ana Arjona).